Youth Sports and Concussions (Assembly Bill 2007)

Since 2012, per Assembly Bill 25, all schools with sports programs have been required to immediately remove an athlete from an athletic activity for the remainder of the day if the athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury, and prohibits the athlete from returning to the athletic activity until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider, trained in the management of concussions, and acting within the scope of his or her practice, and the athlete receives written clearance from the licensed health care provider to return to the athletic activity. This law also requires, on a yearly basis, a concussion and head injury information sheet to be signed and returned by the athlete and athlete's parent or guardian before the athlete's initiating practice or competition.
A new law went into effect on January 1, 2017. Assembly Bill 2007 now applies these same regulations to athletes participating in youth sports organizaitons as well. This bill requires youth sports organizations to:
  • Remove an athlete who may have a concussion during a practice or game to be removed from the activity for the remainder of the day.
  • Any athlete removed for this reason must receive a written clearance note from a medical doctor trained in the management of concussion before returning to practice, and after completion of the Return to Learn and Return to Play Protocols.
  • Before an athlete can start the season and began practice in a sport, a concussion information sheet must be signed and returned to the league by the parent/guardian.
  • Provide all coaches and administrators with training on concussions, and document completion and understanding of this training.
However, AB 2007 has not yet provided specific educational material, tools, information sheets or protocols for youth sports organizations. Until such material is provided, USA Softball of Southern California will use the material currently available by the California Interscholastic Federation to all schools as part of AB 25, which fulfills all areas of this new law.
Accordingly, please visit the link below for a free NFHS course that is available on concussions. 

Kristi Allen
USA Softball of Southern California
State Junior Olympic Commissioner

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